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SD360 DMR Professional Radio

Brand SFE
Model SD360

SD360 Digital Portable Radio

Product Introduction:

SD360 is a rugged and professional digital portable radio without display, MIL-STD and IP66 certified to use in tough and harsh conditions, with narrowband codec and digital error correction technologies and powerful audio output to deliver superior voice under noisy environments. It is developed with DMR/TDMA standards 4FSK modulation and employs digital voice and dual-timeslot technologies to provide superior audio quality and optimal fidelity. It includes several features to enhance performance including: 2 zones 32 channels, dual-time slot, digital voice encryption, VOX, battery save, DCDM(dual capacity direct mode) etc. The battery can get more extra working time compared to analog radio and with longer standby time thanks to DMR and battery save technologies. It provides cost-effective and easy-to-use radio communications with excellent performance for various professional users. SD360 supports both analog and digital modes, and is compatible with existing conventional analogue radios to ensure a smooth transition from analog products in use to digital products.

Product Dimension:

(Height*Width*Depth) excluding antenna: 116mm*53mm*28mm

Product Features:

ØAppearance design (rugged and compact): With rugged and professional design to provide with reliable and durable quality!

Ø32 channels and 2 zones: 32 channels and 2 zones to realize high-efficiency channel and group configuration and management.

ØDual capacity direct mode(DCDM): Provide direct mode operation in 2 slots to increase channel capacity without increasing channel frequency spectrum.

ØDigital or analog mode: Supports both digital and analog mode to provide cost-effective way for users to migrate from analog to digital or switch between the two modes for communication with analog radios easily.

ØNoise suppression: Using advanced narrowband voice encoding and digital error correction technologies to provide superior audio quality while in noisy environments or at the edge of the coverage area. The use of AGC technology has also greatly optimized the voice receiving effectiveness. Built-in 1W speaker to ensure superb clear and powerful audio output, to provide with reliable instant communication.

ØVoice encryption: Digital voice encryption to guarantee safety communication and maintain the privacy in your conversation.

ØLonger battery life: Li-Ion capacity 2000mAh/2600mAh/3500mAh optional, the battery can get more extra working time compared to analog radio and with longer standby time thanks to DMR and battery save technologies. 2000mAh - lasts all day long – offers more than 16 hours of talk and standby time on a 5-5-90 duty cycle, and 2600mAh and 3500mAh provide with longer battery life.

ØFeatures: Supports both digital and analog, programmable side keys, high and low power selective, VOX hands-free voice control, TOT time-out-timer, transmission limit selective, BCL busy channel lock, emergency alarm, talk around; battery save mode and programming password etc.

ØDigital functions: Individual call, group call, all call, voice encryption, remote emergency alarm, remote monitor, remote stun, remote kill, remote activation and SMS function etc.

ØAnalog functions: CTCSS and DCS.

ØDigital and analog mixed modes: It is able to auto detect signal type when receiving a call and automatically switch between digital and analog mode for receiving. The user can reply during the call hang time by using PTT, this feature improve immigration from analog to digital.

ØBattery save and low battery alert: It will be helpful for battery save once it has been activated, and will broadcast alert when battery life is low.

ØEmergency call: One-touch emergency alarm can be sent to other radios with the pre-programmed button, to improve worker safety and emergency response time.

ØDMR: DMR signaling enable individual call, group call and all call, supports DMR Tier 2 repeater to extend coverage.

ØMIL-STD 810 and IP66 Certified(optional): MIL-STD 810 standard and IP66 certified to perform in tough conditions.

ØCE and FCC certified: Compliant with CE standards EN62368-1/EN62311/EN50665/EN301 489-1/EN 301 489-19/EN301 489-5/EN303 413/EN301 511/EN301 908-1/2/EN301 908-1 and FCC standards Part27/Part90/Part22H/Part24.


General Specifications

Frequency Range


400-480Mhz/450-520MHz etc.

Channel Number

32 CH

Zone Capacity

2 Zones

Channel Spacing


Operating Voltage


Battery Capacity


Operating Temperature


Antenna Impedance






Receiver (RX)


Analog 5%   SINAD: 0.20uV

Digital 5%   BER:   0.20uV

Adjacent Channel Selectivity




Spurious Response Rejection


Audio Output


Audio Response


Audio Distortion

≤ 3%

Hum and Noise


Transmitter (TX)

Output Power

VHF:5W/1W   UHF:4W/1W



Modulation Limit



Modulation Distortion

≤ 3%

Conducted Spurious Emissions

-36dBm <1GHz

-30dBm >1GHz

Adjacent Channel Power


FM Hum and Noise


Audio Response


Audio Distortion


Digital Vocoder


Frequency Stability


Analog Modulation



4FSK Digital Modulation

12.5KHz Data7K60F1D/7K60FXD

12.5KHz Voice7K60F1E/7K60FXE

Digital Protocol

ETSI TS 102 361-1,-2,-3

Application Scenarios:

Construction, airport, seaports, security guard, property management, shopping mall, hotel, warehouse, logistics, education, retail, manufacturing, institution, surveying and mapping, hospitality, restaurant, outdoor activity and school etc.